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Why Factoring?

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         Upon review of your balance sheet, you will likely see that approximately 35% of your annual revenue is tied up in unpaid Accounts Receivable.       Making matters more unfavorable is when you finally get paid on that 120 day overdue invoice, another one takes its place.   The fact is, unless something changes, this capital gap will always be there.   The larger you grow, the larger the capital gap grows. 

            Getting your billboard booked is hard enough, but waiting up to 120 days to get paid can have real downside consequences for your business.

            The large holding-company agencies are great sources of business, but the average time to collect on your invoices ranges from 90 to 120 days.    However, your leases, production costs, payroll, rent and other operating costs must be paid in the current month.   This creates a significant cash flow issue that only gets larger as your grow.  


            MediaMark understands your business and was specifically built to address this capital gap in the Out-Of-Home industry.     Once MediaMark buys your qualified receivables, your capital is immediately available and can be used in your business for expansion, debt reduction, owner distribution, or other productive uses.

               Whether you choose to take advantage of our Quick Collect product that can provide you capital in as little as 3 days on your new posting, or our Aging Control product that allows you to determine a limit on how old an unpaid invoice remains on your books, MediaMark stands ready to help put you back in control of your cash flow.

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