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Aging Control

How it works

Unlike our Quick Collect product that purchases your media contract receivable 3 days after you post, our Aging Control product allows you to set an aging limit on how long you hold your receivable on your books before selling it to MediaMark.    The longer you hold your receivable, the more we will pay you on its value.    

For example, you enter into a Purchase Agreement with us and set the delay purchase to 60 days.    During those 60 days, you are free to collect on your receivable as you normally would.    On the 60th day of aging, we automatically purchase it.  The longer you hold the receivable the more we will pay for it.    You may select your delayed purchase to 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.    Reach out to contact us, and one of our representatives can provide you with sliding scale pricing.

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